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The simple plain weave. First 48 EPI clo



Considered Cloth examines our relationship to the everyday textile. Often overlooked as a mundane and disposable object, the utilitarian textile is a manufactured item that seems to randomly appear in our marketplace with little to no understanding of the processes and raw materials needed to create it. Formerly an item that would have been made in the home, worn, mended, or recycled into another functional object, today, the average textile has a mere life span of only three years where it then turns into 16 million tons of landfill waste in the United States. As global manufacturing systems have doubled the amount of cloth produced in the last 14 years, how has our relationship with cloth changed? What social identifiers remain attached to common textile objects such as the dish towel? How might the shift in digital consumption alter our desire for a more curated or considered object that embodies authenticity and individuality? Might this impact current large-scale models of production? Through a series of skill-sharing events, workshops, design labs, and intentionally designed objects, Considered Cloth invites participants to consider their relationship to cloth. 

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