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About the work....

I find cloth utterly fascinating. I am fascinated by the plant and animal matter that we have cultivated and/or genetically modified to produce the assorted fabrics we have come to love. I am fascinated by the history of cloth production and how civilizations around the world managed to develop similar technologies to produce both simple and complex fabrics. I am deeply intrigued by the role that the textile plays in developing today's complex economic systems of lending, labor, global trade, and commodification. Cloth also represents who we are as a culture. The mundane domestic object such as a dish towel conveys specific gendered social roles while lavish silks and velvets convey another. And finally, I embrace the history of communal cloth production such as quilting bees, knitting and mending circles, and other traditions. These communities remain an integral part of contemporary life in our post-industrial economy providing a shared space of exchange, social engagement, and consideration of the crafted object.

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