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The sense of place informs an artist's practice. How could it not? It is what we experience daily that informs what we make and how we interpret the world around us. While living in the Southwest, I became enamored with the sea of cotton fields that were interspersed within the desert landscape. In an area known for a lack of water, growing a plant that demanded a lot of water was very perplexing. Additionally, witnessing the instantaneous population explosion as houses and strip malls took over the landscape made me deeply consider our connection to the raw materials produced by the land. Materials used in The Whole 9 Yards were locally sourced and naturally dyed to visualize the wealth of natural materials within the region. Cutting and binding across the fabric connotes human impact on the environment. This Much I Know to Be True was a commissioned work by the Scottsdale Art Commission that incorporated a walking exploration of 24 miles of Scottsdale Road. Tracing the Periphery visualizes the precarious nature of political power in our country.

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